We have over 25 years combined experience in the building construction, air conditioning and pest control industries. Our projects have spanned various regions throughout Southern Africa, predominantly in Mozambique, Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal.

Our new head office will be based in Durban, KwaZuluNatal – South Africa. We have also decided to re-brand, so that we can create greater synergy between our registered company, Ibis Projects, and our two other service divisions, namely Durban Air Conditioning and Electrical + Durban Pest Control Services.

Ibis Projects incorporates all our building construction, renovation, maintenance and repair services. Our other two divisions are self explanatory and service their niche market sectors – Each brand has it’s own website to try and create a clear brand perception and greater efficiency for our prospective clients. Find more details for each of the brand divisions below and thank you your visiting our website and showing interest in our business. We hope to be of service to you, your family, friends and business in the very near future…

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We can undertake any and all of your building and maintenance requirements. We can assist you with your plans for new buildings and/or renovations and additions.

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Durban Aircon + Electrical | An Ibis Projects Brand


Our technicians are available to advise, supply and install a variety of air conditioning systems to suit our needs.

We also take care of electrical requirements weather it be new installations or maintenance work.

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Durban Pest Control Services | An Ibis Projects Brand


As pest managers, we have to ensure we effectively manage nuisance pests that can cause major damage to our properties or certain health risks and diseases among humans and animals. We need to remember that pests are dependent on three primary things to survive:

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Shelter and harbourage
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